Rhalgr's Draft

Rich, belgian, Harsh
An Ale worthy of the Destroyer's name. A couple of these would certainly destroy you. Popular among Marauders and Miners
8,000 gil
Byregot's Brew

Spicy, Hints of Vanilla, Harsh
A spirit as complex as the structures from the Builder. Recommended if you want to stay warm.
8,000 gil
Menphina's Grace

Fruity, Aromatic, Bubbly
A cider as sweet as the Lover. Having one of this with your significant other will make you have a wonderful night.
9,500 gil
Ceruleum brew

Sour, Cold, Fruity
(Doesn't contain real Ceruleum) This drink will give you all the energy you need for tonight. This delicious 'fuel' won't dissapoint you. (Limited time drink)
10,000 gil
Nald'thal's Promise

Balanced, Rich, Elegant
The most popular wine served at Rich Houses in Thanalan, highly sought after by merchants in Ul'dah's markets
9,000 gil
Nophica's embrace

Sweet, dessert, alcohol optional.
Drink that could only be described as being embraced by Matron herself, a drink for people who are not into strong spirits but still want something tasty.
7,000 gil

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